House on the Hill

House on the HillThis property in Birmingham, Alabama, has abandoned for almost twenty years. The previous owners built the home in the 1970s and lived there until their deaths. Today, the house on the hill remains vacant and forgotten.

House on the Hill
A Ford Mustang sits under the carport.
House on the Hill
A front shot of the Mustang
House on the Hill
If you look closely you can see the spider webs from the window to the chair.
Living Room
A prescription bottle from Eckerd’s
The kitchen cabinets were full of bills and receipts like this bank deposit slip from Birmingham Trust National Bank.
A dusty ceramic Star Wars mug
One of the bedrooms in the rear of the house.
The fake flowers in the living room were covered in spider webs too.
The previous owner had dozens of electronic and computer parts scattered around the home.
House on the Hill
Dishes left behind in the kitchen sink.
House on the Hill
I met this guy on the trek back down the hill.

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