Dixie Manor

Funeral Home

Dixie Manor was built in Alabama sometime between 1845-1850. It was constructed by a physician that also ran the town’s drug store. The doctor married and had eight children, three of whom died at birth or as children. He even raised his wife’s younger orphaned brother. His daughters all married wealthy lawyers who later became District Attorneys or Senators. One of his sons graduated from a military academy and served as an officer in the Civil War.

Funeral Home

In 1859, the doctor passed away and left the house to one of his sons. A tragic accident took place here one night in the summer of 1862. In the middle of the night, a family member known for sleepwalking fell off the second-floor balcony and landed on the porch below. The fall left him paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Funeral HomeFuneral Home

The two-story house was sold after the Civil War to a craftsman who owned and operated a furniture store. Like the previous owner, the home was passed down to his sons after his death. During the 1950s, the property sold to another family who transformed it into a funeral home. The new owner added an addition to one side of the house for his business. The family lived upstairs and operated their funeral business in the downstairs. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the late 1980s. By the 1990s, the owner’s children had taken over the funeral business and opened another funeral home across town. Their mother remained living in the home until her death. The property has been left abandoned ever since.

Funeral HomeFuneral HomeFuneral HomeFuneral Home43881220204_3a90faa7ed_k





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  1. There is a very intriguing ‘History Channel’ Documentary put out in the year 2008, titled ‘Life without People’. That I as an admirer of images of abandoned abodes really enjoyed watching, it’s about the time line of how long the natural world in only which plants, trees and animals of nature only reside upon planet earth. How long it takes plants and trees by way of bird dropped seeds and creeping roots expand in cracks of walls and concrete to reclaim buildings and homes. It based upon if all of mankind was removed, as in was to suddenly vanish. An amazing document you may wish to watch. I especially enjoyed the rusting old car. As for sleep walking, it is a hazardous condition indeed. Thank you kindly for providing yet another presentation of the past through past southern generations. You wouldn’t know of the year, make and model of that old car would you? I would like to on line search what it looked like showroom new at the car dealer.

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  2. Thanks Larry Davis – I guess that open back door throw me as well as the worn chrome trim around the rear window. Not to mention I wasn’t out of the box (born) yet for another five years. 🙂


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