Boys’ Home

Home for Boys

The home for boys was founded in 1893 by a New Orleans philanthropist who, at the time of his death, left the Sisters of the Holy Family a building on St. Peters Street, to care for the elderly and orphans. The mission of the Sisters of the Holy Family, an order of African-American nuns, is to bring comfort and care to children, the poor, the powerless, and the elderly.

Home for Boys

In 1906, the sisters purchased a piece of property seven miles from the French Quarter. After a fire destroyed most of the orphanage on St. Peters Street, the sisters relocated the boys’ home to their new property. On May 28, 1935, sixteen months after the orphanage caught fire, the new building was dedicated. At the dedication ceremony, Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel praised the Sisters of the Holy Family for their endless work in caring for poor orphans and the elderly. He blessed the building inside and out as thousands of Catholic worshippers, clerics, nuns, altar boys, and civic workers looked on. Reverend Murphy, president of Xavier University and pastor of St. John of Arc Church, was master of ceremony.


Like the previous boys’ home, this one was also owned and operated by the Sisters of the Holy Family. The two-story building was built of concrete and brick in a Colonial style at the cost of $95,000. The structure was considered fire-proof and included four classrooms, two dormitories, a nursery, offices, and a chapel. The orphanage housed 56 boys, ranging in age from three to eighteen, but could accommodate up to 100.


Home for Boys

Home for Boys

The home for boys closed in 1967 and reopened in 1969 as a daycare center. The center accepted children from the ages of two to four at a fee of $15 per week. The daycare center continued to be operated by the Sisters of the Holy Family until Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005. The sisters returned to New Orleans after the evacuation to find the home for boys had sustained major damage from floodwaters. The building is filled with toxic mold and debris from years of post-Katrina neglect. There are currently no plans for the building.


Home for Boys




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  1. Just the term “home for boys” gives me the chills. I’ve never heard of much good going on in these organizations…especially one here in Florida at which they have been digging up unmarked graves.


      1. I went to the attached link that was posted by P on April 19,2020 and it states it is a functioning elderly care facility. The web page even has Covid-19 rules posted. All the history matches on your post as well as the above link…..just curious if I missed something.

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