Swinger’s Tiki Palace

Located high atop Missionary Ridge overlooking Chattanooga, the Swinger’s Tiki Palace began as a dream home idea of prominent strip club owner, Billy Hull. After two years of planning, architect Ed Ball set out building the most unusual house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Anticipation grew as the house took 14 months to complete. Finally in 1972, close to 10,000 people attended the open house.

Swinger’s Tiki Palace, 1970s24705602479_4443ffd6b0_o.jpgThe homeowners in 1972 stand on the bridges over the swim tunnels.

The 5,600 square foot 3 bedroom 4.5 bath home was featured in a builder’s magazine for its unique Playboy bunny shaped pool. The pool had swim tunnels leading to separate bedrooms. The bedrooms were modest in size compared to the large indoor living room/pool area.

Columns were added during a renovation in the 1990s.

In 1973, a friend of Billy Hull shot and killed his wife’s boyfriend outside of a nightclub. A victim of his own lifestyle, the evidence was overwhelming. Mr. Hull was found guilty of murder for hire. Another unsuccessful murder for hire plot was brought forth by the gunman during trial, implicating Billy Hull on a second murder charge.

The large sauna located on the rear deck of the house.
A metal face sculpture attached to the sauna door.

The hired gunman was found guilty of manslaughter. Mr. Hull was found guilty of murder and received 20 years in prison. He fought the conviction to the Tennessee Supreme Court which affirmed it 4 years later.

Tiki PalaceTwo years later, a defense witness in the case was found dead in the trunk of a car. A friend of the Billy Hull was found guilty of the murder.

The large back patio featured a 12 person jacuzzi tub, bar area, and sauna.
The vandalized Playboy bunny pool as it appears today.

The Playboy pool was the focal point of the home and the first thing you would see as you entered the front door. Covered in chandeliers, the massive 12 feet deep, 20 x 40 foot pool was electrically heated, The pool room had its own separate humidity controls. A faux rock waterfall and diving board sit on the far side of the pool and on your right is a fireplace with a full bar. Large tinted glass walls separated the bedrooms from the pool room over the swim tunnels.

A love note left behind in the Swinger’s Tiki Palace.
The living room of the house was covered in marble pillars, mirrors, and faux rock.
A chandelier hangs above the pool under the faded sky light.
View from the bridge looking back over the pool.

Live palm trees were planted around the pool area. The walls were covered in tiki style bamboo, palm matting and animal heads from around the world. Each bedroom also had closed-circuit tv monitors with feeds from the pool room as well as an intercom system. The hallways and bathrooms were covered floor to ceiling in marble. The living room in the back of the house had another full marble bar and mirrored walls leading out to the patio area. The patio area featured a 12 person jacuzzi tub, copper top outdoor bar as well as a large sauna.

The master bedroom with built-in mirrored cabinets and closed-circuit tv monitors of the pool room.
The Swinger’s Tiki Palace had several bars. This one was located in the rear of the house and was solid marble. These mirrors were the few that remained intact.
Once the focal point of the entire home, the pool is now covered in graffiti and trash.
The foyer entrance of the house is littered with debris.
A view of the Playboy pool from the diving board.
Swinger's Palace
A wall of tinted glass separates the master bedroom from the pool.


Swinger's PalaceThe 1980s were no easier on Billy Hull. Charges of tax evasion of his night clubs while being incarcerated led him to going broke.

Swnger's Palace It is rumored several families moved in and out of the home throughout the years before it was vacated. Recently, vandals broke in the home destroying everything in sight. The home fell into foreclosure becoming seized by the city for back taxes. The Swinger’s Tiki Palace has been condemned and was later demolished on September 7, 2017.


28 Replies to “Swinger’s Tiki Palace”

  1. What decadence! Would love to have seen who went to party there! Sounds like those involved were not nice people though, so maybe not. My IPad battery is nearly flat so just as well I have reached the end of your posts. I have NEVER been so gripped that I have gone through and read every post on a newly discovered blog. Very impressed by what you are doing.

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      1. No problem! I saw a post on a local blog about this and a few other articles about the house. I remember when I was a kid it having a Mickey House painted on the driveway – also a helicopter pad – and there being some fuss about the owners having to paint over it.

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    1. The tunnels are only about 5 feet long. They extended under the wall into the front two bedrooms to a pool ladder. There’s not much to see but you can sort of see under the bridge in several of the photos.


  2. This place has been torn down, I stopped by it 7/6/18, and all that’s left is the helipad and the gate, and the gate has been vandalized some. Supposedly a lady I go to church with went to school with Billy Hull, his sister Gloria, and his now ex-wife named Gloria. Her and her husband told me about going into this house in it’s glory days for a class reunion, and she still sees the ex-wife Gloria, she said Billy died a few years ago, but doesn’t remember specifics like when, where, etc.

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