American Adventures

American Adventures was a small amusement park and family entertainment center. The park was located just north of Atlanta adjacent to White Water waterpark. The park opened in 1990 and the attractions included miniature golf, go-karts, an indoor arcade, and a small collection of amusement park rides aimed at children 12 and younger.

American Adventures

American Adventures
This miniature golf course outside led visitors through a pirate ship.

The largest ride at American Adventures was an electric-powered steel rollercoaster named Ridgeline Racer. The park had 14 family rides; including the Super Slide, Bumper Cars, and the Swinging Pirate Ship, which were mainstays.

American AdventuresSeveral changes took place over the years. American Adventures removed its indoor miniature golf and added an interactive theater. The original indoor carousel was also  replaced with a Foam Factory – a foam ball pit and play structure where you could shoot foam balls at one another from multiple levels.

American AdventuresAdmission to American Adventures was always free and the park was cross-promoted with the neighboring White Water waterpark. The outdoor rides and the indoor entertainment center were priced individually requiring tickets. Eventually, a pay-one-price option was offered.

American Adventures In 1999, American Adventures was purchased along with White Water by Six Flags theme parks. The park was too small to be re-branded as a Six Flags Theme Park, so it remained operating under the American Adventures name.

American AdventuresIn June 2008, American Adventures was sold to Zuma Holdings LLC, which no longer co-branded the park with Six Flags White Water. In 2010, American Adventures closed for good citing “circumstances beyond their control.” After the park closed, Six Flags took the property back over. They now use it for storage, training, and the employee cafeteria. In 2017, the remaining rides were torn down and removed.



2 thoughts on “American Adventures

  1. I remember passing this place many times while entering White Water. I am surprised they stayed open as long as they did. I never could imagine somebody going to American Adventures instead of White Water. To enjoy the water park required a full day. American Adventures looked like it would take a half hour.

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