Jax Lanes

Jax Lanes West was a sizeable bowling alley featuring 32 lanes, a snack bar and arcade in Jacksonville, Florida. To get more casual bowlers into the building, Jax Lanes advertised a disco-like environment with neon bowling pins and black lights called ‘cosmic bowling.’ During cosmic bowling, the lights are out except for where the pins are. Rotating lights, strobes, and loud music enhance the experience. Jax Lanes also hosted open bowling leagues, birthday parties, and banquets.

Jax LanesJax LanesJax Lanes

In the 2000s, Jax Lanes West garnered a reputation for being unsafe and poorly managed. Online reviews would remind customers to lock their doors and not carry cash. By 2012, Jax Lanes West had permanently closed. With no interested buyers, the bowling alley sat abandoned. A developer bought the lot in 2017 and demolished Jax Lanes West. The vacant lot is currently for sale.

Jax LanesJax LanesJax LanesJax LanesJax Lanes

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