Family Business

Family Business

Family BusinessIn a small Alabama town, a family-owned funeral home has sat abandoned for decades. The former owners moved across town to a newer facility and never returned. Now boarded up and forgotten, the old funeral home sits neglected and significantly deteriorated from a lack of maintenance.

Family BusinessRainwater seeps in the from holes in the storm-damaged roof. The floors have even partially collapsed. A Cadillac hearse remains entombed in a garage on the property with dozens of old caskets and tombstones. Embalming chemicals and funeral pamphlets are just some of the items left behind. After years of neglect, this old building may not be around much longer.

Family Business

Family Business
A Cadillac hearse parked on the property.
Family Business
Caskets remain stacked on a shelf.

Family Business

Funeral Home

Family Business
Embalming chemicals that were left behind.



7 Replies to “Family Business”

  1. My mom was a funeral director and I spent a lot of my youth in funeral homes. I can’t believe they would move to a new location and leave behind caskets. That’s a lot of money to let rot.


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