Riverside Motel

The Riverside Motel, located near the Georgia-Florida state line, was once a popular stop for travelers. The motel was built sometime in the 1950s. The one-story L-shaped motel has a dozen rooms with a separate office in the center. The motel owners also operated a neighboring souvenir and package store on the property.

42105045300_15279f11eb_k15617274091_6275d5e1a0_kBefore it closed, many Georgia residents would cross the state line and buy alcohol from St. Mary’s Liquors in Florida. For years, Georgia was one of only three states that would not allow stores to sell alcohol on Sunday. The sale of alcohol on Sunday was not allowed in Georgia until 2011.

17839873721_3c4d9551ea_k42105044740_33d772d28b_kBy the late 1970s, many travelers opted to use the newly built, more convenient I-95 instead of the state highways and backroads. It is unclear, but the original owners may have sold the property during the 1980s. It appears the motel has sat vacant ever since. Many of the rooms still have mattresses, furniture, televisions, even clothing left behind. Today, the abandoned motel and liquor store remain vacant. The property is still for sale.

Riverside Motel

For more photos from the old Riverside Motel, check out Abandoned North Florida.

8 Replies to “Riverside Motel”

  1. Yes, highway changes can kill businesses and towns like this, sad but can’t stop progress, all well run businesses will had had good notice to close shop well in advance of the new highways being built, perhaps even compensated for the loss to business from redirected roading, who knows.


  2. This motel looks very scary … Just like in a typical horror movie .. you look at the photo and wait for the appearance of some kind of ghost or maniac.


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