House of Rock

The House of Rock was built in 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama as a private single-family residence. The ranch-style home is quite large, with over a dozen rooms including a large vaulted 1970s addition that houses an indoor swimming pool. A rock waterfall with a grotto shower sits on one end of the pool. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, two kitchens, and multiple living areas. There was even one room dedicated to housing the owner’s pet birds, complete with large windows and a dirt floor with an open skylight for the birds to fly up to the second floor. At one time, the grounds were meticulously landscaped with a Japanese-style garden in the backyard. According to neighbors, the owners had many visitors who would come to just enjoy the garden, which is said to have rivaled the Botanical Gardens.

House of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of Rock

House of Rock

After 60 years of marriage, the owner passed away in 2008 followed by his wife in 2012. The house was left to their daughter who listed it for sale, but due to the house’s size and location, finding a buyer proved difficult. Recently, the House of Rock has been purchased and the new owner plans to renovate in the coming weeks.

House of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of RockHouse of Rock

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  1. I know this house was on the market about 6 or so months ago. We went to it and whoever bought I was there and let us in to explore it. I haven’t actually seen it listed for sale again. It’s a very strange house but was totally cool to explore.

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