Mount Tabor First Baptist

Mount Tabor First Baptist

Established following the Civil War during the Reconstruction era, Mount Tabor First Baptist Church was organized during a Wednesday “Prayer Meeting” on September 15, 1869, in Palatka, Florida. The original meeting place was in the Hudson Building. The second meeting place was a nicely constructed brush arbor. The arbor consisted of an open-sided shelter, created using vertical poles driven into the ground with additional poles laid across the top as support for a roof of cut branches or hay.

Mount Tabor First Baptist

Mount Tabor

Within the first two years, three ministers, Reverend R.P. Bishop, Reverend Jones, and Reverend Samuel Small formed the ministerial council that ordained the first Deacons: Jackson Wright, Ned Hutchinson, and James Arnold. Reverend Bell served as the first regular pastor from 1871 to 1889. He went on to serve as pastor from 1896 to 1898 and again in 1900 to 1902.

Mount Tabor

In 1887, under Reverend Bell’s guidance, the congregation relocated into a newly built wooden church. The church was dedicated on May 18, 1888. In 1912, the church facility was rebuilt under the leadership of Reverend F.W. Wells. During the 20th century, seventeen pastors served the Mount Tabor First Baptist congregation and community.

Mount Tabor

On Sunday, April 7, 1991, Reverend Karl Flagg accepted the call to serve as a pastoral leader of Mt. Tabor and has served as pastor for the last 27 years. The church congregation moved across town in November 1997, shuttering this building in the process.

Mount Tabor

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