State Prison

Built in 1950, this former state prison was once apart of a hospital in Georgia. The facility was used as a dormitory for black patients during segregation.

State PrisonOnly inmates who had a security level too high to go outside the prison were considered for jobs inside the prison. If the inmate had a low level of security, they were assigned to outside work details. Inmates were allowed one hour each day of yard time.

State Prison

State PrisonThe facility was converted into a men’s only state prison in 1978. The prison housed 600 medium and minimum security inmates. Most of the prisoners were elderly or disabled who were sentenced to spend their remaining years behind bars. A majority of these inmates were confined to wheelchairs or beds and suffering from health issues

State PrisonYounger inmates who were able-bodied, several dozen in total; were housed in separate modular building on the prison grounds. These inmates worked to maintain the prison inside and out helping with tasks such as changing light bulbs, cleaning floors, and preparing meals in the kitchen.

State Prison

State Prison

In 1963, the hospital built this church known through donations. The church was used as the prison chapel after the Department of Corrections took over.

State Prison

State PrisonThe inmates were housed in eight dormitories averaging 65 beds per dormitory. The state prison had eight cells for isolation and segregation. The Georgia Department of Corrections closed the state prison in 2011.

State Prison

State Prison




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