Power Plant

The former New Orleans Public Service Power Plant is an early 20th century power plant in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also known as Market Street Power Plant, it is located along the Mississippi River just upriver of the Crescent City Connection.

Power PlantThe Market Street Power Plant was constructed in 1905 and last produced power in 1973. The bottom floor is flooded from the rising waters of the Mississippi River.

Power Plant

Power Plant

Power PlantThe control room is an a separate addition from the main plant that was added in the 1920s.

Power PlantMassive concrete pillars that supported the heavy machinery are left behind after the equipment has been removed.

Power PlantIn 1922, the New Orleans Public Service Incorporated (NOPSI) was founded. The NOPSI deemed all power to the city of New Orleans would be produced at the Market Street Power Plant.

Power Plant The facility supplied electrical power to New Orleans by burning coal and using the waters of the Mississippi River for cooling. The 5-story plant has been abandoned for the last 40 years but is sometimes used as a filming location for movies and television shows.

Power Plant

Power PlantIn 2007, Entergy New Orleans sold the power plant and surrounding property to Market Street Properties LLC. for $10 million.

Power PlantIn September 2015, the Market Street Power Plant was sold to real estate developer Joe Jaeger in foreclosure after the proposed development of a residential, retail, and entertainment center never materialized.

Power Plant Jaeger is currently focused on development of the nearby 47 acre Trade District, between the convention center and the power plant. He plans to later incorporate the power plant in to the Trade District development. Right now there is no clear start/stop date and no immediate plans for the Market Street Power Plant.

Power Plant

Power Plant

Power Plant


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