The Farmhouse

Historical records date this Plantation Plain / I-House to the mid-1800s, however it is believed to be much older. According to neighbors, the last occupant moved to Florida years ago. Other than that, I have not found very much history on the property.

Honeycomb HideoutAbandoned GeorgiaCountry Living (2)Country Living (10)49616357872_027c856551_kCountry Living (11)Country Living (6)49615585953_5a921dd3fd_kCountry Living (3)Country Living (5)Country Living (1)Country Living (9)Abandoned Farmhouse



13 Replies to “The Farmhouse”

    1. Thank you for sharing this great home. I pray it will not get demolished. It would be wonderful to see it restored and keep the period furniture in the decor
      I wish I had the finances to renovate it or move it to another place to be renovated . Maybe someone with funds will see it and want to save it. Fingers crossed!


    1. I would be interested if the photographer shares the location. I wish they would so others could enjoy these places as well. Especially photographers like myself and others like yourself. Chances are if youre on here reading and looking at these photos and history you aren’t one of the ones that will vandalize such a place.


      1. Well, he has a reputation to uphold and we all know that no one can keep a secret. It’s like the time I let two kids fish in my pond and before I knew it, I had people on my property I had never even met AND they were leaving trash behind.
        So, no, he can’t share the location.

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