Old Ware County Courthouse

The former Ware County Post Office & Courthouse, Circa 1930s

The old Ware County Post Office & Courthouse was built in 1911 by architect James Knox Taylor. The building was designed as a civil defense fallout shelter and constructed of steel and concrete. An expansion in 1936, designed by G.W. Stone, added a second story and two-story wings at each end. It served historically as a courthouse of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia and as a post office until 1975.

46235463065_54f93661e1_k (1)
The old Ware County Courthouse reflects the Renaissance and ‘Romano-Tuscan’ architecture.
The first-floor lobby

The building has terrazzo and maple hardwood floors. The door facings, wainscoting, and stairs are all made from Georgia marble. The woodwork is oak. The Postal Service moved out of the building in 1975, after constructing a newer facility. The U.S. Post Office & Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  In recent years, the building housed an antique market and was also used as an event venue. The courthouse was sold to a developer in 2019. After sitting abandoned for three years, the building is currently undergoing a renovation.

Post Office
The former Post Office mailroom located on the first floor.
Post Office
The original brass post office boxes remain inside.
The original post office boxes remain inside of the building.
Post Office
Beads of condensation roll down the face of an old vault inside of the Postmaster’s Office.
The second-floor wings housed offices for the Judge, Court Clerk, U.S. Marshals, as well as the Wage & Labor Department.
Post Office
This particular room also housed the court’s Stenographer.
The second-floor courtroom.
A small jail cell in the former U.S. Marshals office.
Georgia marble lines the upstairs hallways.

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  1. Great article and photos.

    I wonder if this post office has a small almost hidden staircase and a hidden passageway.

    The former post office in LaSalle, Illinois was occupied by a cellular phone company where my sister worked. She showed me a barely visible door in a back part of the building. The door led to a staircase and a passageway which was used by postal inspectors. It was their practice to enter the building undetected and follow the passageway where viewing places were located. The postal employees never knew when their activities were being viewed by the inspectors overhead.

    I wonder if all post offices constructed during that time period had places for postal inspectors to view employees and wonder if the one you photographed has the passages.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you are correct, yvonnemary! I believe they are called “lookout galleries” or something similar. And I *think* the photo showing the mail sorting room shows one of those galleries at the top right, or so it appears. It’s the bump-out from the ceiling.


  2. I know exactly where this building is. 25 years ago I worked in the building that is behind it, just visible in the first picture above. At the time there was idle chatter about us acquiring the building, but obviously nothing ever came from it. What a shame, but in that once beautiful, prosperous, but now shrinking city, there are NUMEROUS similar buildings falling into abject disrepair. None will ever be renovated in that city. I wonder if the federal government still owns this property?


  3. just wanna say i ve been working from home now which is fairly boring ….. your historical pics and stories have seen me through many afternoons . thank you . luanne

    Liked by 1 person

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