Old JEA Tower

The old JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) Tower in Jacksonville, Florida was completed in 1955 to serve as the headquarters for the Independent Life and Accident Insurance Company. The skyscraper stretches 260 feet into the air and encompasses 162,000 square feet with street-level retail along Julia Street, a cafeteria, and a sky lounge on the top floor. The mid-century modern concrete tower utilized granite, marble, and limestone finishes throughout the interior.

Old JEA TowerOld JEA TowerOld JEA TowerOld JEA Tower

In 1975, Independent Life relocated its headquarters to the newly finished Independent Square. Today, Independent Square is known as the Wells Fargo Center and is the city’s second tallest building. The next year, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) acquired the property and relocated its operations into the structure. During the late 1980s, JEA purchased the Universal Marion Building and moved most of its offices. JEA officially abandoned the building in March 1999. The Old JEA Tower has sat vacant for almost 20 years and remains Jacksonville’s tallest abandoned structure.

Old JEA TowerOld JEA TowerOld JEA TowerOld JEA TowerOld JEA Tower

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      1. Building has been locked for years now. We are under contract to start the rebuild in the next several months.
        Was just in there today. Did you make it to the 18th floor? Boiler room? Or even find the massive safe yet to be open? Have several photos taken from today’s walk through if interested?

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  1. These photos are so neat!!! I love to view old abandoned structures and imagine those wo lived and worked in them.


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