Although forgotten, the home remains full of antique furniture and personal belongings.
An upright piano, an organ, and a square grand piano sit across from one another in the formal dining room.


Tax records indicate the house was built in the early 1900s. It appears to have been vacated sometime in the 1990s.
A child’s rocking chair sits in the central hall. Remnants of wallpaper are scattered across the floor.
Vines creep through an upstairs bedroom window.


Cobwebs cover the entire house and its contents.
Stuffed animals and faded family photographs were among the items littered in an upstairs bedroom.
The central staircase in the front hall would greet visitors entering the front door. Sadly, the home has not had any visitors in decades. Today, the farmhouse remains abandoned.


5 Replies to “Farmhouse”

  1. Well, at least it doesn’t look like vandals have hit the place a spray-painted it.

    I would assume the property is owned by the state or county/parish now.


    1. what happens with these homes and furniture property that’s left behind , does the home get auctioned off and if it does who do you inquire about it.


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