Harrison-Lark-Alley-Jones House

According to local historians, this is the oldest home in Dawson, Georgia. Originally built in the 1830s as a simple farmhouse, it was moved on logs in 1896 and remodeled to its present Queen Anne appearance. Hand-carved ornamental pendants featuring a floral motif surround the top of the front porch. In the early 20th century, the Dawson’s Historic District was compromised of workers from the local timber mill who owned a majority of the gorgeous homes.

This house has four bedrooms and two baths with four fireplaces. Stained glass windows, transom windows, and custom woodwork can be seen throughout the home. The property was sold in the early 2000s for a mere $40,000 before falling into foreclosure. It appears the owner was in the midst of a renovation before ultimately walking away from the project. For years, there was a note on the front door stating a bank in Ohio owned the property and anyone willing to purchase the home should contact them. After sitting abandoned for over a decade, the house sold at auction in 2019. Today, the property is no longer abandoned and is currently occupied.

Doll House
The tower was a later addition to the home and houses a staircase to the second floor.
45751287192_0a7ef30f3d_k (1)
A view of the grand staircase located in the tower.
Doll House
Stained glass windows and ornate woodwork are throughout the home. The original hardwood floors remain in portions of the house.
Doll House
After falling into foreclosure, the home was left vacant. It appears a squatter had taken up residence in the home for a short time.
Mill House
With subjects ranging from photography to Hitler, the former owner left quite an array of old books behind.

Mill House

Mill House

Doll House
The dining room flanked with columns and covered in an elaborate wallpaper.
Doll House
After sitting abandoned for over a decade, the house was purchased in 2019.

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      1. Where can I find the listing information for this house? It’s beautiful and it’s just the kind of home that I’m looking for


  1. I’ve tried looking for the sale listing of the house and can’t seem to find it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


  2. Go to Zillow and do a search for Terrell County GA. There are not many houses for sale in the county so it should be easy to find.


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