Salvage Yard

In the heart of southeast Georgia, dozens of old rusty automobiles have met their final resting place. The family-owned and operated salvage business opened in the early 1960s. Numerous locals have stories and childhood memories of walking through the old salvage yard, admiring the cars and trucks. There are dozens of automobiles ranging from the 1940s to the 1980s. When the original owner retired, his grandson, who worked with him, took over the business. Since the 2000s, the salvage yard has been dying a slow death thanks mostly in part from the internet and eBay. Rather than close the company, the current owner is working to transform the old salvage yard into a family-friendly automobile graveyard. Categorized by decade, many of the automobiles have not moved in quite some time. The automobile graveyard is still in the works. The owner hopes the collection will continue to grow. He plans to add more cars as they are hauled from the overgrown Georgia woods. Salvage YardSalvage YardSalvage Yard Salvage YardSalvage YardSalvage YardSalvage YardSalvage YardSalvage YardSalvage Yard46426225454_59c906bfb4_kSalvage YardSalvage Yard Thank you for reading. I appreciate your support. Please share the blog with your friends. If you would like to receive the Abandoned Southeast blog in your email, you can sign up below. Also, check out my books that are available through Amazon.


  1. I have been looking to buy a abandoned junk yard for years and having difficulty finding one for sale (I am now living in Daytona Beach Florida)not computer savvy and realastate agent’s look at me like I have 2 heads (one said she knew the perfect place for under $500,000 I got there and it was a old house with 6 cars from the 1990’s on the property.looking for something that closed in the 80’s at earliest has at least 100 cars trucks etc with trees overgrown so property would have to be clear cut for scrappers to not want to buy because would cost more than scrap value. I want to try to rescue as many cats and trucks as possible and build my home and auto shop on property so I can save some history and do what I love doing for last 35 years any help would be appreciated


  2. How can I contact the salvage yard to see if they would sell all of the vehicles. I am really looking for Packards but I would buy everything there to restore.

    Thanking You
    Joseph Packard
    Arlington, Texas


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